Increase the Benefits of Solar Film This Summer with Tips from a Solar Film Installer in Birmingham, AL

The sun is out and the heat is up—summer is here at last! Are your windows covered in solar film in preparation for many hours of blazing hot sunlight? How about taking further measures to ensure indoor comfort? Of course, a quality solar film application will stand strong against intense heat from the sun on its own, but there are simple things you can do to make the toasty summer months even more bearable. That’s right—you can find ways to reinforce the film’s ability to protect against blinding glare and strong heat from the sun!

Here’s some helpful advice from a solar film installer in Birmingham, AL for how to increase the benefits of your solar window film this hot summer:

  • Use other window treatments: Solar film looks great on its own, but you can use an additional window treatment option with it for an even cooler summer. Select a set of drapes, curtains, blinds or shutters that match your home’s decor. For double heat protection, draw the window treatment closed when the sun is at its hottest.
  • Plant trees and bushes: Planting shade trees and bushes near windows on the hottest sides of your house is a great defense against the hot summer sun, as well as year-round sun glare. If you do decide to put in large plants, make sure not to plant them too close to your home. Avoid trees with invasive root systems and trees that are messy—like those that drop berries or pollen bombs. Do get evergreens for constant shade.
  • Install solar film all around: Instead of installing solar film only on windows on the hottest sides of your home, install them on all exterior-facing glass windows and doors. Just because the sun doesn’t always shine through a certain window doesn’t mean heat is not getting in.
  • Keep it clean: It might be harder to see dirt on a window with a protective solar film application, but you should still clean it on a regular basis. In fact, keeping it clean is an important step that helps the film to be more effective at blocking out heat and glare, and it will be more aesthetically pleasing, too.
  • Avoid damage: Keep children and pets away from windows with solar film to avoid damage, like scratches, chips and cracks. Also avoid placing tables and bookshelves too close, because heavy objects or furniture can knock into or crash through windows.
  • Replace with a more efficient film: If your windows have a protective solar film, but the material is old, you might want to look into replacing it with a newer application. Doing this will guarantee your home is properly protected from damaging UV light and vision-damaging sun glare.

Are you considering applying window film? This season, make sure to not only hire a top-notch solar film installer in Birmingham, AL, but also take some extra easy steps to make your solar film more effective during the hot summer months. Contact the experienced team of installers at Solar Control Specialists to learn more!

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