Not All Hotel Window Glass Tinting in Birmingham, AL Is Created Equal—Let Solar Control Specialists Help!

While tinted window glass is beneficial for homeowners, it also has major advantages for business building owners in the hospitality industry, including increased curb appeal and reduced energy costs. But you may be wondering if any types of tinting material or product are okay to apply to your hotel windows. A good rule is to choose a high-quality film tint and hire a reputable company to install it.

The truth is, not all hotel window glass tinting in Birmingham, AL is created equal. There are too many low-quality residential and commercial window tint products being sold and installed by unskilled people. Solar Control Specialists is the complete opposite of this—we are an authorized Solar Gard Elite Panorama window dealer, and we only offer the best high-quality film tint on the market and premium installation services, so let us help you! Here’s what you’ll get from working with a Panorama dealer:

  • The best service: As a Panorama dealer, our installers receive regular training and continued education to ensure they are up-to-date in the latest industry knowledge.
  • A pleasant experience: Providing exceptional customer service is important to us! Thanks to Solar Gard tools, our customers are privy to custom performance calculations and excellent warranties.
  • The best product performance: We guarantee that all our Panorama window films for hotels and motels and other buildings will provide indoor comfort and protection from the sun, while maintaining pleasant lighting inside and a clear view of the outside.

Solar window tinting film offers a wide variety of benefits that can impact numerous facets of your business. These benefits include:

  • Protects business assets: Just as having harsh sunlight spilling into your home will damage your belongings over time, your hotel assets too are at risk of damage due to fade and deterioration. Furniture, flooring, linens and fabrics, decorations, even the wallpaper and wall paint will fade over time. To protect your investments, cover bare window glass with window tint.
  • Reduces energy bills: Most hotels give their guests control over their room’s air conditioner and heater. This means energy bills have the potential to be very costly. To block out heat, insulate rooms and lower bills, consider investing in a quality window tint.
  • Attracts guests: A well-applied window film will boost your business’ curb appeal to look even better to your guests. It also creates a uniform look across all room windows.
  • Quiet installation process: Another great thing about our window films is that they are installed without disrupting your guests; therefore, you won’t lose out on business. In fact, the installation process is so quiet that the installer’s presence often goes unnoticed by guests.

Avoid cheap tinting materials at all costs! They do not last long, they look cheap and they will fail at blocking out sunlight. Typical characteristics of cheap film are bubbling, peeling and discoloration, which occurs in a short amount of time.

Don’t risk the comfort of your hotel guests and employees. If you are in the market for hotel window glass tinting in Birmingham, AL, call the experienced team at Solar Control Specialists. We offer guaranteed quality in every job we do!

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