How Does Solar Film Installation in Birmingham, AL Stack Up Against Low-E Windows?

Owning a home means that someday you will have to consider the efficiency of your window glass. Is the heat from the sun too much in the summer? Does it get a bit too chilly during the winter months? Are you noticing rising energy bills from sudden excessive use of the heater or air conditioner? When the time comes to upgrade your windows to have solar blocking power, know that you will have a couple good options to choose from. You can either choose solar film installation in Birmingham, AL or replace your old windows with low-e windows.

Here’s some information about both options to help you make an informed decision.

Quality residential and commercial window glass is a must-have feature

Unless your current windows are single-pane or very old, there’s a way to boost your dual- or triple-pane window glass efficiency as a shield from the sun, wind, heat and cold—install a high-quality window solar control film. But it might not be worth it to invest in solar film if age has ravaged your windows or they are of low quality to begin with.

Solar control film

Solar films are a type of reflective window film that provides a great amount of control over the sun glare, heat and UV rays that enter through window glass. Most films tend to give windows a kind of tinted mirror look, so it’s difficult for people to peep inside at you when lights are on or the sun is out. Benefits include:

  • Solar film helps control indoor temperatures by blocking out heat and retaining heat in the winter.
  • Window tint or film works well. You can either have it installed on all windows or only the ones in the direct path of incoming sunlight.
  • The cost of solar control film is relatively affordable when compared to installing all-new low-e windows. Depending on the manufacturer, solar reflective films go for $6 to $14 per square foot.

Low-e windows

The term “low-e” in low-e window glass stands for “low emissivity.” This type of windowpane is coated in microscopic layers of metallic oxides, which appear invisible to the naked eye. While it lets in an abundance of natural light, the coating protects your home or building from harmful UV rays that can burn skin and eyes, fade upholstery and damage furniture. Benefits include:

  • Low-e windows are efficient at blocking out heat thanks to a layer of argon gas in between the glass panes. They can do much of what solar film can, although some low-e windows can cause rooms to be cooler in the winter.
  • Because low-e windows are replacement windows, each can cost in the range of $300 to $1,000, plus labor.

Are you interested in reducing sun glare, blocking out heat and more? Contact the knowledgeable team at Solar Control Specialists to learn more about the benefits of investing in quality solar film installation in Birmingham, AL. Call us today and we’ll walk you through our film options and reasonable rates!

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