Five Top Questions to Ask Your Window Tint Company in Birmingham, AL

Today, many homeowners are looking for fast and affordable ways to make their homes more efficient, whether they want to do so to save money on monthly energy bills or improve indoor comfort. One such way to increase home efficiency is to install a premium solar film on your window glass. When you choose a quality solar film, you will enjoy a host of benefits that include energy savings, living in the perfect indoor temperature, enhancing curb appeal and feeling a sense of privacy.

Don’t rush into hiring just anyone to install your new window solar film. Here are five of the top questions you should consider asking a solar film or window tint company in Birmingham, AL.

What types of films do you offer?

It is a good idea to know your needs before discussing solar film installation with a provider. The most common reasons for wanting it include blocking out the sun, reducing glare, lowering energy bills and making it difficult for people to see inside. Find out whether the company offers a selection of films and certain brands of film, and then determine which ones match best with your needs.

How many years have you been in business?

It’s often assumed that window tint and film is simple to install. Buy a film from a store, then just peel and stick, right? However, unless you have had a ton of practice, you definitely want to hire a professional to do the job, someone who has been in the business a number of years. A company with experience knows proper installation methods, and they will make sure the film adheres fluidly to your window glass.

Can you show me some samples of jobs you’ve done?

The most reputable and highly rated solar film installation companies will not hesitate to show you samples of their work. Better yet, they may even have actual sample glass with their film installed over the surface. Seeing a company’s past work is most desirable, as potential customers can get a better sense of how their windows might look.

Do your window films come with warranties?

Some window film installation companies are more than happy to guarantee their work, be it for a limited time, for an extended amount of time or for the lifetime of the window. But you also want to find out if their window films come with labor or manufacturer warranties. Read documents carefully to ensure you don’t miss any small print.

Do you offer free estimates or consultations?

Some homeowners will seek several labor and product bids or estimates, while others prefer to go with the first company they feel comfortable with. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they offer free estimates or consultations for solar window tint!

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