How Solar Film Installation in Birmingham, AL Can Provide Extra Security

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner or business owner might choose to have solar film installed on their windows. This film offers a number of great benefits, like protection from harmful UV radiation, a more appealing aesthetic, increased energy efficiency and cost savings.

In addition to all of these great qualities, solar film can also provide added security in a home or business. The simple application of protective film can actually discourage break-ins, increase privacy and protect the assets in your building. You might be skeptical of just how effective this method can be, but it really does offer a number of security benefits. Find out more about how solar film installation in Birmingham, AL works and why it is so effective at providing added security for your home or business.

The basics of solar film

If you’ve ever seen windows on a house or commercial building that appear darker in color with reduced glare, it is likely that you have already experienced solar film being used. Solar film is essentially a polyester film that adheres to the interior of a window on a car or in a home or business. Without solar film, sunlight strikes a window and light, heat and UV radiation enter the buildings and homes in its path. Solar film blocks up to 80 percent of the sun’s energy that comes into contact with windows. This means that you are protected against large amounts of UV radiation and your home or business is safe from excessive thermal heat transfer, which can drive energy expenses through the roof.

Solar film and building security

One of the primary ways that window tints offer security is by allowing for increased privacy. When you have valuable items in your home or business that can be seen through your windows, there is a possibility that someone could attempt to break in to steal them. Shielding your possessions by reducing visibility can make your building less appealing to potential burglars.

In addition, window film is often made with incredibly durable material that is shatter resistant. This means that it is less likely to break in the event that an intruder attempts to break the glass. If you are especially concerned about intruders, you can opt for a window film that is made to be extra thick and resistant to breakage.

Learn more about solar film installation in Birmingham, AL

If you want to increase the security of your home or business property, why not start with solar film installation in Birmingham, AL? You can get fantastic products and advice when you work with the team at Solar Control Specialists. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to match you with the perfect window film products that can provide you with a number of great benefits.

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