How Window Film Installation in Birmingham, AL Can Prevent Sun Damage

When you think of sun damage, you might be thinking about materials and items that you keep outside your home or office. The truth is that ultraviolet rays can even cause damage to the possessions inside your space. Standard windows aren’t sufficient to protect your things from damaging sunlight, which can leave you with materials that are faded, a home or workspace that is uncomfortably warm and even negative health effects like premature aging and eyestrain.

The good news is that there are steps that you can take to reduce the harmful effects of sunlight in your home or business. By investing in window film installation in Birmingham, AL, you can keep enjoying natural light while also protecting your possessions and your health:

  • Efficiency: When you install window film, you can enjoy a significant reduction in your monthly energy expenses. Since so much of electricity for homes and businesses goes towards heating and cooling, the reduction in thermal heat transfer as a result of window film installation in Birmingham, AL can make a big difference. In fact, installing window film can block nearly 80 percent of heat that comes into your home from outdoors. Window film can also make it easier to keep the temperature in your home cool and comfortable during the hot spring and summer months.
  • Protection for possessions: Overtime, sunlight can damage different materials. You’ve probably observed this process with materials outside your home or office, like a deck or awning, with colors that begin to fade as they are exposed to sunlight. Although this is to be expected outside, you might not realize just how much the materials inside your space can be damaged as a result of the light that comes in through your windows.
  • Reduced health risk: You might not realize just how damaging UV rays can be to your health, but research has connected excessive sun exposure to a number of major health problems. Even when your inside, you can experience sunburns and may be at risk of premature aging, melanoma, sun spots and even damage to your eyesight. By investing in window film installation in Birmingham, AL, you can greatly reduce your risk of developing these UV-related problems. In addition, if you are considering window film for your workplace, keep in mind that window tinting can reduce eyestrain and make your work environment much more comfortable for your employees and your customers.

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