How to Determine if Solar Screening or Glass Tinting in Birmingham, AL is Right for You

If you’re concerned with the health risks and material damage that can be associated with ultraviolet rays, you may have considered some kind of solar solutions before. There are several different options out there, including awnings, solar screens and solar film. Each solution has various advantages and considerations that you should take into account before making your final decision. By learning a little bit more about each of your options, you can ensure that you are making the best choice possible for your home or business.

Solar screens

Solar screens are a type of window covering that are usually made from a mesh material and are often coated with a protective component. These are installed over windows to help reduce solar damage. The greatest benefit of choosing solar screens is the fact that they are much less expensive than some of the other options on the market.

However, although they are a very cost-effective method for reducing sun damage, there are a couple of drawbacks. For one thing, these screens essentially black out your windows, which means that you won’t be able to get much natural light. In addition, the aesthetic appearance of solar screens might decrease the overall appeal of your home. Solar screens are also ineffective at reducing thermal heat transfer, which means that you likely won’t see any significant reductions in your monthly energy expenses. Exterior solar screens can also become damaged or fall down if it becomes stormy or windy outside.

Window film

Although window film can be more expensive than solar screens, it also offers certain benefits that tend to make it worth the investment. Window film can greatly improve the efficiency of your home by reducing thermal heat transfer by as much as 80 percent. Even though you’ll be spending a little bit more up front, your total energy savings over time will more than outweigh your initial cost.

Another benefit of glass tinting in Birmingham, AL is the fact that it won’t detract from the appearance of your home. Since window film is applied directly onto your windows, it doesn’t give the kind of bulky appearance that solar screens do. You can also still enjoy natural light in your home when you have window film installed. Window film isn’t designed to black out your windows; it simply mitigates the kind of intense UV rays that can fade your furniture, walls and flooring and cause health concerns.

Learn more about glass tinting in Birmingham, AL

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