Why Solar Window Tinting in Birmingham, AL May Be More Efficient Than Window Replacement

As a homeowner, you know just how stressful some home upgrade decisions can be. An example is when you realize that your windows are the likely culprit for your home’s uncomfortable interior environment month after month. Should you replace all your windows? Hang thermal drapes? Luckily, window tinting could be the answer to your problem. Let’s take a look at why solar window tinting in Birmingham, AL may be a more efficient option than replacing your windows.

Replacing windows versus tinting windows

You want your home or business building to look nice and have desirable curb appeal. To achieve this, you may decide to do something about your old or inefficient window glass, whether that means replacing it or tinting it. But maintaining your home’s style and integrity doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor, such as can be the case when replacing windows. Here are some reasons to opt for solar window tint:

  • Instead of replacing all or some of your windows, consider applying residential window tinting, which is a more affordable option. Keep this in mind should your windows look like they’re in need of repair—especially since most big window repairs are costly. Of course, if your windows are in poor condition, then replacing them is the way to go.
  • Window films are very efficient on new and old windows, as long as they are installed right and your windows are not damaged, and can help save you money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Tinting one or all of your residential windows is often the easier and faster solution for achieving a more comfortable interior and lower heating and cooling bills.
  • There’s also a different kind of cost associated with window replacement. When windows are replaced, the old ones have to go somewhere. If they are not reusable in any way, then they go to the landfill. Unfortunately, a house with many windows can be a terrible burden on landfills.

Energy savings is money savings

When it comes to solar heat gain and radiant heat loss, did you know that your home’s windows might account for up to a third of your energy costs? Each individual window in your house or building has the potential to either save or lose money, as well as keep in or let out the cool or warm air.

The thing to remember is that although energy-efficient replacement windows come highly recommended for interior home comfort and lowering your utility bills, they are not the right choice for every residential home or building. A more efficient option is window tinting. It costs a lot less than window replacement, and easily pays for itself in lower monthly cooling and heating bills.

Window film investment

In most cases, quality brands and styles of window film cost significantly less than replacement windows. Films today offer exceptional clarity, strong UV resistance and energy savings. You pay less up front, and you’ll see a return on your investment more quickly in comparison to replacement windows.

To learn more about solar window tinting in Birmingham, AL and your available style options, contact the team at Solar Control Specialists today!

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