How Does Solar Control Film Work?

So, you are looking for a solution to all the glare and heat pouring into your home during the warm spring and hot summer months, but you don’t want something that is going to cost a lot of money and require a herd of installers trampling through your home. Well, the solution you’ve been after is solar control film, and you can benefit from it all year round! It doesn’t require a lot of installation time, it’s cost-effective and it works wonders for your home.

What is it, you ask? Well, that’s simple! Solar control film is a specialized film that can be applied to existing windows and glass doors to cut down on glare, improve privacy and save you money on energy bills. Now, let’s consult an expert window film installer in Birmingham, AL for details about how it works.

How does this miracle film protect your home?

Long story short, there are three types of light waves from the sun: visible light, ultraviolet light (the light that burns us and fades our furniture) and infrared radiation (that warms the earth and our homes—sometimes too much). What solar film is designed to do is cut down on the ultraviolet light and infrared radiation by reflecting it away from your home. Essentially, it’s a lot like putting sunglasses on your house.

Finding the tint that is right for you

There are several grades of solar tint film to choose from, and they range from very dark to lighter. Each gradient is meant to perform a slightly different purpose. For example, the very dark tint might be used to protect a house that is in direct sunlight with no trees or shrubs to block the sun’s harmful rays, whereas a lighter tint would be chosen for a home where there is some shade. Talk with your solar film professional about their recommendations. The danger here is that going too dark will close off your house, while going too light might not provide enough protection.

Do you need solar film all around your home?

In short, no—solar film is meant to cut down on direct and indirect light pouring into your home. If the back of your house is wide open to the elements, you might consider tinting all of the windows on that side of the house. On the other hand, if your neighbor has a bright white house that reflects light into your living room that faces away from the sun, you might consider going with a lighter tint just to cut down on the reflected light. Be sure to chat with your installer for their recommendations.

Like many homeowners and business owners, you may be interested in learning more about solar control film. If you are, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Solar Control Specialists for more information about solar control film for your home or office windows. When you trust us with your solar film needs, we guarantee you’ll be working with a professional window film installer in Birmingham, AL.

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