Summer Is Right Around the Corner! Consider Residential Glass Tinting in Birmingham, AL to Reduce Your Energy Bills

There are several reasons why homeowners will tell you that windows are one of the most important features in a house. First and foremost, windows brighten up the inside of homes and, if they open, allow fresh air to flow through. Windows also give you a view of the outdoors from different spots around your house, all from the comfort of the indoors. However, there is one thing that some homeowners don’t regularly think of: how their windows may be the cause of excessive energy waste and high energy bills.

But never fear—window tinting is here! With summer right around the corner, you may be considering investing in glass tinting in Birmingham, AL as a way to lower your energy bills. Here’s how residential window tinting can do this and more.

Window tinting for summer

What is window tinting? Window tinting is a very thin and clear plastic film that gets installed on the inside of your windows; in fact, the film is nearly invisible once it’s applied. Quality tint can reduce the heat, protect against UV rays and reduce glare, and as a result can also help lower your energy costs. And while we’re on the topic of cost, properly installed window tint offers a host of financial benefits:

  • Enjoy summer savings: The job of window tint is to reduce the levels of heat and light that pass through the window glass and into your home. The tint blocks out the UV rays during hot summer days and reduces solar heat gain, which helps reduce air conditioner use and cooling bills and saves your AC unit from wear and tear.
  • Get excited for affordable installation: Window tinting is an excellent alternative to a complete window replacement. Tints are more affordable, as new window glass and frame replacements and installation fees can cost thousands of dollars. With film, a professional can install it quickly at a fraction of the cost of window replacement.
  • See a high return on investment: Be sure to get energy-efficient window films installed on your home’s windows to see a payoff in the form of reduced energy bills in two to five years. Talk about seeing a noticeable return on your investment!

Energy costs go down and stay down

Choosing window tinting not only makes your home or building look great, it is, as you now know, also practical. The film is designed to block out up to 98 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays—protecting your skin, eyes and furniture—and also blocking rays from heating up the inside of your home during the hot summer months. On average, nearly 50 percent of your energy costs in the summer can be directly related to air conditioner use. Apply a window tint to lower those bills.

If you think your home or business can benefit from window glass tinting in Birmingham, AL, then you’ll want to speak with a Solar Control Specialists technician before summer arrives. Let us help you with your residential or commercial window tinting needs!

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