Why Use Decorative Window Film?

“What is window film?” As a company that specializes in window film installation in Birmingham, AL, we’re not surprised when we hear this question. Although window film has been a valuable home improvement tool that’s been on the market for years, a lot of homeowners still don’t know about it and its many benefits.

Window film is a self-adhesive film that can be installed on the interior or exterior of your existing windows. Although originally manufactured to tint vehicle windows, window film has come a long way to include top-quality film that is designed in different styles, tints and colors for residential, commercial and automotive purposes. There are many cosmetic and functional reasons to use decorative window film in your home. Let’s take a look at a few of them!

Decorative look

At Solar Control Specialists, we carry and install window film in a variety of tints and styles, which means that we can create beautiful and unique decorative looks for any window in your home. Window film allows you to upgrade the appearance of your windows without the high costs of window replacement.


As we highlighted in a recent blog post, one of the main benefits of installing window film, aside from its attractive appearance, is the fact that it provides a superior level of privacy. Windows allow a view of the outside world, but they also give the outside world a view of your home and your private life. Window film helps remedy this problem by giving you a window solution that still allows you to look out your windows without allowing every neighbor and passerby the opportunity to look in.

Lower energy costs

Windows are one of the main culprits behind high energy bills. Unfortunately, windows allow warm air to escape during the winter and allow cool air to escape during the summer, which means your HVAC unit has to work harder to control the temperature in your home, which can significantly impact your energy costs. Window film can actually reduce the amount of heated or conditioned air from escaping, which will help reduce your overall energy costs.

Protect against natural disasters

One of the main fears during a storm or other natural disaster is broken glass flying around. Window film can help remedy this situation as well. The film helps keep the glass together and prevents it from flying everywhere, which in turn can help prevent injuries and property damage.

Reduces dangerous UV rays

UV rays are known for affecting skin health, particularly by causing skin cancer. Regular windows do not prevent UV rays from entering your home, but that’s where our film can help. It helps reduce harmful UV rays, which will not only protect your health, but also other surfaces in your home from sun damage.

If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to improve the look of your windows, look no further than Solar Control Specialists. As your local source for window film installation in Birmingham, AL, we’re always excited to introduce new customers to the many benefits of window film. Get in touch today to learn more!

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