Design Uses for Window Tint and Film

When most people think of window tint, the first thing that comes to mind is probably tinting for car windows. That’s understandable—tinting car windows for privacy and a unique look is popular across the globe. But did you know that adding window tint or film is a viable option for your home or business as well? Continue reading to learn more about installing tint with help from your window film installer in Birmingham, AL:

  • Etched glass look: Etched glass is a beautiful look. Unfortunately, installing etched glass windows and mirrors is expensive and can take quite a bit of shopping to achieve the perfect look. Don’t hassle with that. Instead, give us a call to install a window tint that looks just as good as traditional etched glass at a fraction of the cost. You and your visitors won’t be able to tell the difference between the two!
  • Faux stained glass: Much like etched glass, stained glass windows are as beautiful as they are expensive. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a real stained glass window, let us create a unique faux stained glass design that makes your home stand out amongst the others in your neighborhood.
  • Privacy frosting: Glass doors are beautiful, but they’re not always the most convenient if you’re trying to prevent someone from looking into your home or a specific room in your house. Instead of swapping out that door, talk to us about frosting the glass to obscure prying eyes from looking in. This is also a fantastic option for glass shower doors, which always look much better than a shower curtain.
  • Frosting for kitchen cabinets: If your kitchen has trendy glass kitchen cabinets instead of traditional wood, you know that it’s a great look. Unfortunately, you’re also aware that they’re difficult to keep clean, and everyone can see your mismatched bowls and dishes. Fix both of those problems by adding frost tinting. We can “frost” your cabinets in any color you’d like to perfectly match your countertops and appliances.
  • Block the sun’s rays: Over time, your carpeting and furniture can become faded and damaged from the sun’s harmful penetrating rays. Of course, you could keep your curtains drawn at all times to protect your furniture, but who wants to live in a perpetually dark house? Install solar-blocking film to allow natural light in while blocking the harmful rays that cause fading. Additionally, solar film can help keep your energy costs lower throughout the year.
  • Security: Last, but certainly not least, adding window tint can increase the security in your home or office. Would-be burglars are more likely to break in if they can look through your window and see that nobody’s home. That won’t be a problem if you have tinted windows. Make sure nobody can see whether or not you’re home by calling us to tint your windows today.

Get in touch with Solar Control Specialists today to speak with a window film installer in Birmingham, AL. We’d love to tell you more about pricing and schedule an appointment to have your film installed. In most cases, all of the work can be completed in as little as one day—you won’t have to worry about contractors being around for weeks on end installing brand-new windows!

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