What Is Solar Film?

Across the nation, energy expenses are continuing to rise, and homeowners are looking for ways to maintain indoor comfort while reducing energy usage. Savvy homeowners are investing in a common-sense solution to rising energy costs and elevating greenhouse gas emissions: solar window film.

Solar window film blocks out the sun’s rays, meaning that you can keep your home cooler while still allowing some amount of natural light into your abode. Working with a solar film installer in Birmingham, AL is an excellent way to learn more about the benefits associated with installing solar film.

Solar film is a thin membrane that’s installed over your existing windows. Solar film is recognized for its affordability, and because it’s notoriously easy to install.

Here are just some of the benefits associated with solar film installation:

  • Reduces energy expenses: One of the primary benefits associated with solar film installation is the fact that it allows you to reduce the amount of money you spend on both cooling and lighting your home. While sun-blocking curtains are a viable tool for reducing cooling expenses, they often require you to spend more money lighting your home during the daytime. You can reap the best of both worlds using solar film.
  • Preserves furniture: Ultraviolet (UV) rays are exceedingly harmful to furniture with both leather and fabric upholstery. UV rays can cause your furniture to fade and degrade prematurely. With leather, UV rays can actually cause the material to crack and dry out. If you are looking for a way to preserve the integrity of your furniture, you should strongly consider investing in solar film.
  • Eliminates glare: Solar glare is distracting and uncomfortable, and it can occur throughout the year. Window glare makes it difficult to watch TV, and can also reduce productivity in your home office. Window glare also causes headaches and eyestrain. Working with a solar film installer, however, can help you eliminate window glare in your home, and make your living space more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Minimizes window breakage: Windows break for a variety of reasons. Whether your windows encounter storm-strength winds or a stray baseball, investing in solar film can help minimize the damage caused by a broken window. Because window film is a thin layer of adhesive vinyl or plastic, it holds glass shards together after an impact causes them to separate.
  • Increases privacy: While window films allow plenty of natural light to filter into your home, they also keep creeping eyes out of reach. Window films appear darkened on the outside, so it’s nearly impossible to see through them. This means that you don’t have to worry about any unwelcome attention if you’ve installed window film in your home. Window film allows you to maintain the privacy of your home.

Solar Control Specialists is a premier solar film installer in Birmingham, AL. We are proud to provide our clients with high-quality sun-blocking solutions. To learn more about the benefits of window films, contact one of our friendly service representatives today.

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