Tips from Solar Film Installers in Birmingham, AL: Pros and Cons of Solar Film for the Home

Have you ever considered adding solar film to your home? Many homeowners don’t realize the potential benefits this simple addition holds. With just one call to your solar film installers in Birmingham, AL, you could enhance the look and feel of your property. Solar films can also save you money over the long haul.

How? Solar film offers several benefits to homeowners. In some cases, there may be drawbacks, too, so it’s important to be aware of both the pros and cons of this product. Use the following quick guide to help you decide if solar film is right for your property.


  • Energy savings: Most homeowners would love to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their utility bills. Solar film installers in Birmingham, AL can help you do just that! Solar film can help prevent heat loss from the interior and block UV rays from the exterior, resulting in more efficient temperature regulation in the home and lower heating and cooling bills overall.
  • Easy installation: If you’re a DIY kind of homeowner, installing solar film is simple and relatively stress-free. For the upside it provides, it’s an easy project that you might consider doing yourself. And, if you ever want to remove the film, simply peel it off the window. Of course, applying the film does require some finesse and not every homeowner wants to add this task to their list. Fortunately, you can also leave this job to professional solar film installers in Birmingham, AL if you prefer.
  • Minor investment: Installing energy-saving window treatments such as light-blocking drapes or shades is typically a significant investment. Solar film offers a much more affordable solution. You can start saving on energy bills, reduce the glare in your home or change the look of your windows on a small budget.


  • Warranty void: Depending on the type of windows you have, you may void the manufacturer’s warranty if you use solar film. To avoid this, consult with expert solar film installers in Birmingham, AL. These professionals can examine your windows and determine which type of film would be appropriate and inform you of any potential for warranty issues.
  • Poor selection: Some types of solar film block light and heat. Other types absorb it. Choosing the wrong type of solar film can make your surroundings less comfortable rather than enhance them. Some types of solar film work better with certain styles of window panes as well. Contact your local solar film installers to ensure you choose the best solar films for your setting.

Partner with the Pros

If you’d like to discover all the advantages of solar film, contact the team at Solar Control Specialists. We offer extensive experience to help you choose the best window film solution for your property. Reach us today at 205-467-6869 with any questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We’ll make sure you reap all the benefits of solar film installation in your home!

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