What Are Some Unexpected Benefits of Energy Efficiency?

Going green is more than just a trend that makes your business appear more environmentally responsible—it’s a smarter way to do business. You may be considering many different energy efficient improvements, such as consulting a commercial window tinting service in Birmingham, AL to save on utilities, but have you considered all of the unexpected benefits that will come your way should you implement wise energy management? Experts have analyzed LEED certified buildings and compared them with buildings that were less efficient and noticed some surprising benefits to green policies in the workplace.

Savings Lead to Investments and Improvements

Investing in energy savings projects and initiatives leads to savings in your monthly budget. This increases your bottom line. It also increases the valuation of your building. What to do with this increase in capital? Many businesses use the extra capital by rolling it into making improvements in the business. Continued reinvestment allows your business to stay at the forefront of the pack and keeps those profits pouring in. Many businesses are realizing that what started as an effort to conserve energy is turning into a cost-saving mechanism that allows them to reinvent their business and adapt to the ever-changing marketplace.

Reduced Risk

Another hidden benefit is moving the volatile energy price factor farther off the table for you and your organization. Energy prices swing high and low based on supply and demand in the market. By investing in energy efficiency projects, energy costs become a smaller part of your operational budget. This reduces your exposure to the wild fluctuations in the costs of energy. A stable and predictable cost environment is key to the success of a business. You can help reduce your exposure to the unknown and the unpredictable through energy saving improvements.

Improved Retention Rates

Perhaps the most surprising benefit of implementing energy efficiency projects is the impact on your employees. Studies have confirmed that employees working in LEED-certified properties are more productive and engaged than employees working in non-LEED buildings.

What was found is that when employees have access to individual ventilation controls and natural lighting, satisfaction levels improve, as well as energy efficiency. Employees are simply more comfortable in energy efficient workspaces. They are more productive and engaged in their work. This leads to less frequent turnover in your business.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

A major unexpected benefit is the reduced operational expenses of green buildings. Energy efficient buildings have been proved to cost around 20 percent less to operate. This savings typically comes from the fact that energy efficient equipment lasts longer. For example, energy efficient lighting systems include bulbs that do not have to be replaced as frequently. This is a significant savings in labor.

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