Do You Still Need Solar Tinting in the Winter?

You might only associate solar tinting with being a good way to keep your house cool and less bright in the summer months. And you’d be right—kind of. Solar tinting is definitely great for lowering cooling bills and reducing the incidence of UV rays entering your home. But what many people don’t know is that solar tinting is also extremely useful in the winter, both for lowering heating bills and for reducing glare inside your home.

That means winter is still a great time to consider investing in window tinting in Birmingham, AL. It won’t ruin your view of the great outdoors and will provide benefits for you and your family year-round. Let’s look at the wintertime advantages that window tinting provides:

  • Reduces heating bills: It’s not just AC bills that solar tinting film is useful for. The reality is that many windows have poor insulation. If you stand next to your windows on a cold day, you can probably feel some cooler air coming in. While this might not seem like a big deal, it means your heating system has to work that much harder to raise the temperature in your house. More heated air escapes and cooler air rushes in. This is solved by installing window film that provides some additional insulation. Small savings each month in utility bills will really add up over the long run!
  • Reduce light glare: Throughout the year, it’s important to reduce light glare in the home to the fullest extent possible. This is just as true on sunny winter days as it is during the summer. The potential benefits include healthier skin and healthier eyes because you’re limiting the UV rays entering your home.
  • Year-round benefits: Window film makes it more difficult for burglars to enter your home as well. Window film also makes it easier to enjoy the view outside your home, as the amount of glare is significantly reduced. Homeowners across the country are discovering that solar window film is an amazing, inexpensive and easily installed product that will improve their home for years to come.

The fact is that there are tremendous year-round benefits to investing in window tinting in Birmingham, AL, and this is where the friendly and professional team at Solar Control Specialists comes in. We service all your commercial and residential window tinting needs. Our experts have become known as the leaders in the region because of our commitment to customer service and high-quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on offering prompt, expert window film installation at affordable rates.

Solar Control Specialists only uses leading brand names when installing window film in homes and businesses. We guarantee quality in every job we undertake, and we always go the extra mile to make sure all of your needs are met. If your windows are giving you trouble, there’s no need to suffer any longer—our team has the experience and resources necessary to effectively tend to your needs. Call us today to learn more, schedule service or receive a free estimate!

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