Can Damaged Window Tinting in Birmingham, AL Be Repaired?

While window tinting in Birmingham, AL is a straightforward process, if the film is not installed properly, you could be dealing with issues from the outset. Many different complications can result from a poor installation, some of which can be simply resolved, and others that will require a brand-new window film installation. Fortunately, an experienced window film installer is here to let you know what types of minor issues can easily be taken care of, and when damaged window film needs to be replaced.

Damaged window film

In most cases, when the window film itself has sustained damage, the only option will be to replace the film completely. The damage may have come from an adhesive failure, the everyday wear and tear that will happen as the film protects the interior of your home each day or perhaps an errant rock or other piece of debris cracked both the film and your window. Regardless of what caused the trouble, once window tint is damaged, there is really no way to repair it.

However, you aren’t without options in these situations, as a brand-new film can be applied. Just as a film that is installed incorrectly can cause problems, one that is removed incorrectly can be just as challenging. Always make sure that your damaged film is removed safely by a professional so that the window isn’t also damaged, and no additional problems are created for a future film installation.

Poor installation

While window film that is damaged can’t be repaired and will need to be replaced, there are certain cosmetic issues that can be corrected. For example, some bubbling in the days immediately following the installation is normal. On the other hand, if it has been weeks and the look of your film hasn’t improved, then a deeper inspection might be needed. Additionally, if your film begins curling or peeling shortly after installation, it is likely that the film was not installed correctly to begin with. These types of issues are common with DIY tint jobs, which is why it is recommended that you always have your film applied by a professional for the best results.

Because poorly installed window film can have such long-lasting effects on your home, it is critical to find the right window film installation company to ensure that your tint project is completed correctly the first time. Since 1982, Solar Control Specialists has served as a go-to window tinting company in Birmingham, AL, and we are ready to tackle all that your project involves as well. With the kind of experience that you can rely on, we can help you select the tint application that best aligns with the needs of your space, whether that is a security film that deters potential burglars and intruders or a decorative film that blends seamlessly with the rest of your home’s exterior and landscaping. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation so we can begin the process of upgrading the look of your home as soon as possible.

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