Will Window Films Harm My Plants?

It’s clear that window tints can have an enormous impact on our everyday lives and satisfaction. People who previously got headaches squinting from all the sun in their homes, or whose air conditioning bills skyrocketed due to the sweltering summer sun all have firsthand experience in just how much window films improved their lives. Still, many people who enjoy caring for an indoor garden have been skeptical about the role window tints play in their plants’ lives.

Before you avoid a visit to a local window tint company in Birmingham, AL, though, read on to gain a better understanding of how your plants can thrive even with the tinting you crave:

  • Plants need red and blue light: The first thing to understand is that plants mostly absorb and grow due to red and blue light, which are not part of the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. Since most window tints involve blocking UV rays, you can rest assured that your plants will still grow in a room with window films installed.
  • Think 25 percent visible light transmission: If you have windows with different levels of tints, like darker ones, then it is true that they will block some necessary sunlight. Still, most plants will grow normally with any films that allow 25 percent or more light through, though some do require 50 percent or more light to come through. You’ll want to consider what type of plant you have and what its normal sunlight needs are before you install your window films.
  • Try some workarounds: If you do want windows with higher tints but also love some of the plants that require high sunlight, try to be a bit flexible with where you display those plants. Every room has a different natural level of sunlight, depending on where it is positioned and whether something is blocking the windows from the outside. Put those higher-need plants in the sunnier rooms, or set up a plan that lets you get your plants outside for a few hours of direct sunlight per day.
  • Don’t panic: Lots of people become upset when they install tints and see that their plants are wilting or just not growing as quickly as they are used to. Try to control that urge and give the plants some time. Plants are living beings that need time to cope with any changes in routine or environment. Odds are good that if you keep giving your plants good care, they should return to their normal levels of growth in a few weeks.

If you have more specific worries about your plants, make sure to consult a trusted window tint company in Birmingham, AL to answer your questions. Solar Control Specialists has served the Birmingham area and nearby communities for over 30 years, and has the expertise to solve any of your indoor gardening problems stemming from window film installation.

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