Window Tint Maintenance for Commercial and Residential Spaces

Window films that tint your glass are an effective way to keep your home or business space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, as well as to block those harsh and annoying rays of sun from your eyes. But installing them can be a real investment of time and money, one that you’ll want to protect by properly maintaining your window films.

Before you look into solar film installation in Birmingham, AL, read on to get an idea of how to care for your window films and ensure they have a long life:

  • How to clean them: The great thing about window films is that they generally collect dirt more slowly than regular glass, which is more porous. When you do need to clean them, the process is simple: just use water and dishwashing detergent and clean it with a paper towel or clean cloth. You can use glass cleansers if you’d like, but it’s not required to keep the films looking great.
  • How to prevent any scratches: It is easier to scratch your window films than a glass window because of the substance it’s made out of. To prevent this, you can use a silicone polish to coat the film that will add an extra layer of protection. An added benefit of coating with a silicone product is that it creates an extra shiny surface on the film, making your windows look gorgeous.
  • How to manage tape or adhesives: You can remove any tape that was applied to the film just as you would from glass windows: just grab a corner and pull. Many times you’ll notice that there’s some sticky residue left behind on the film, and you can remove this with alcohol and a soft cloth. For particularly difficult adhesive residue, try using acetone or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).
  • Other visual appearance issues: You might notice after you have the window tint film installed that there’s an appearance of fog or haziness. This usually happens when a bit of moisture becomes trapped under the film, and it should fade in just a few days. If you still notice it a week or so after installation, make sure to contact your window film experts to check on the craftmanship.

If you go ahead with solar film installation in Birmingham, AL, you’ll be happy to see firsthand just how simple it is to maintain the windows. Still, it’s always important to have a trusted expert on your side, and Solar Control Specialists is just the company to help you with your window film needs. For over 30 years, we have offered exceptional service at fair prices.

Solar Control Specialists boasts a full line of window tinting technologies and can help you find the perfect shade for your home or office, whether it’s a dark tint to protect your privacy or a very light tint to prevent squinting indoors. We’re proud to work with high-quality, industry-leading products. Call us today for more information—we look forward to assisting you!

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