Protect Your Furniture with Window Film

You’ve always loved your bright, sunny living room with the big windows on all sides. But lately, you’ve noticed that your living room isn’t looking as bright as it used to. In fact, although the sun is shining into the room the same as before, you’ve noticed that your carpets, furniture, and even your hardwood floors somehow look faded.

One of the most powerful sources in our universe is the sun. The sun gives us light, power, and so much more. But the sun can also be damaging to our bodies and other surfaces it comes in contact with, including your living room furniture.

How Does the Sun Harm Your Furniture?

The sun contributes to the fading of your furniture in several ways. As you may remember from grade school science class, the sun gives of several different types of light, as well as heat. Here’s the breakdown of how those different sources contribute to the fading of your furniture:

  • Ultraviolet Light = 40%
  • Visible Sunlight = 25%
  • Solar Heat = 25%
  • Other = 10%

Sunlight not only fades the fabric on your furniture, it can fade the wood as well. Even leather couches are probe to stiffen and crack over time if exposed to too much direct sunlight.

How Do You Keep the Sun from Damaging Your Furniture?

There are several ways to prevent or, at least, reduce the negative affect sunlight has on your furniture.

  • You could rearrange your furniture so that the sun does not shine directly onto wood and fabric surfaces.
  • There are also some excellent curtains that block out the son and its harmful rays. However, with curtains you are losing the benefit and feel of a room filled with natural sunlight.
  • Regularly varnishing or polishing wood surfaces can help protect them from harmful rays, but there’s the added work of continually having to polish your wood surfaces.
  • You could cover your furniture during the times of day that sunlight is the most direct, but this can be a nuisance and will not prevent fading altogether.

A Different Solution

If you want to enjoy the beauty of natural sunlight streaming into your room, while also avoiding the negative affects the sun can have on your furniture, there is another option: Solar film.

Solar film installation in Birmingham, AL can block up to 99% of the harmful rays and heat that the comes pouring into your home along with the sunlight. It can do all this without blocking the ambience of natural light that you enjoy so much. With solar film, you can enjoy a living room filled with sunlight without sacrificing your furniture and other living room décor.

At Solar Control Specialist, our mission is to give our customers the best of both worlds¾natural light without the negative effects. If you are interested in solar film installation in Birmingham, AL for your home or business, we’d love to talk to you. Just call Solar Control Specialist today!

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