Stop the Bark: Solar Film Installation in Birmingham, AL for Reactive Dogs

It’s a common scene. The house is calm and quiet. You’re enjoying a peaceful morning. Then, a delivery truck pulls up to your house. In an instant, your dog is throwing a fit. The barking reaches painful decibel levels. Your dog isn’t calm again until the package has been placed on your porch and the “threatening” delivery person and truck have left the block.

Did you know solar film installation in Birmingham, AL can eliminate these scenarios? Whether it’s a neighbor walking his dog, a squirrel outside the window or the mailman making his daily rounds, reactive dogs are frequently put into a frenzy as they see movement outside the window. Fortunately, there is a solution. Solar film installation in Birmingham, AL is ideal for reactive dogs. Here’s why:

  • Anxiety: Did you know your dog is probably barking at the animal, person or vehicle because he is afraid? He sees the outsider as a threat, and he barks. Since the object of his barking always goes away, he thinks his barking worked. Therefore, he does it again next time, possibly with even more force. Solar film installation in Birmingham, AL blocks the dog’s view of these “intruders” and keeps the dog calm. It saves them from the anxiety that these situations cause.
  • Light: Of course, you want your pet (and the rest of your family) to be able to enjoy the light from windows. Solar film installation in Birmingham, AL allows the natural light to enter your living space while providing enough of a filter that the dog is not excited by outdoor events. It’s the perfect combo!
  • Noise: What might your barking dog interrupt? A quiet morning? A baby’s nap? A nice dinner with family or friends? Maybe you work from home and take regular business calls. In any of these situations, a frantically barking dog is not a welcome addition. With solar film installation in Birmingham, AL, you can enjoy a quieter household. You’ll create a more inviting setting for yourself, your family and your guests.
  • Neighborhood: A reactive dog can affect more than your household. The loud reaction of the dog can reduce the overall appeal of the neighborhood. If no one can walk past your house without experiencing yelps or booming barks, they might not want to walk there. If several dogs in the area have the same reaction, the entire neighborhood can start to have a bad, noisy reputation. Use solar film installation in Birmingham, AL to keep your area as appealing as possible.

Keep Fido Calm

Do you have a reactive dog? Would you like to enjoy some peace and quiet and help your dog have a more relaxing day? Contact the team at Solar Control Specialists. We provide prompt, expert solar film installation in Birmingham, AL at affordable rates. If your dog’s views are wreaking havoc on your day, there’s no need to suffer any longer, Solar Control Specialists has the experience and resources to meet your needs. Call us today to get started!

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