Low-E Glass vs. Window Film: Which Is Better for Blocking Heat?

When trying to lower your energy costs in your home during the summer, you may decide that blocking heat from sunlight and UV rays coming in through the window is good idea. However, should you use low-E glass or window film, and which one is more effective at keeping out heat from the sun, which impacts the internal temperatures within your home? Before deciding to invest in window film installation in Birmingham, AL, check out the following facts about low-E glass and window film.

Low-E glass

Investing in low-E glass windows is an option. However, you’ll need to pay for all new windows and glass, as well as the installation of the windows. You’ll get the best efficiency by replacing the entire window as well as the frame’s weather-stripping and seal. Low-E glass will help absorb the sun’s rays and heat, trapping it in the window and keeping it out of your home. The insulating factor is key in keeping out and blocking heat from entering the window. Low-E glass includes a transparent coating that reflects infrared energy and heat. Argon gas is the best option for investing in new window installations. The gas works by absorbing and blocking heat. However, you can expect to pay at least $300 per energy-efficient window, with some windows costing up to $1,000. It’s no small investment!

The window film solution

If you don’t want or can’t afford to invest in completely new windows, choosing window film installation in Birmingham, AL could be a great solution that has the same effect on the interior temperature of your home, as well as the energy savings that go along with it. The cost of solar film installation is much less expensive than new low-E glass window installation. Most solar reflective films are priced at about $6 to $14 per square foot, which is a great value. However, if your window frame is faulty or leaking, you may still experience inefficient cooling and insulation in your home.

There are more benefits to solar window film installation in Birmingham, AL than blocking the sun’s heat. It prevents annoying glares and excessive brightness coming in through the window, as well as protecting against eye strain. Plus, it shields you from harmful sun rays, which makes relaxing at home much more pleasant. It also prevents excessive heat from infrared rays and fading of your furniture and other belongings due to UV radiation.

At Solar Control Specialists, we can tint your windows however you like them, and we provide quality service at reasonable rates. If you’re in need of solar window film installation in Birmingham, AL, Solar Control Specialists is the team to call. We can install films on your windows to help with excessive heat transfer, rising energy costs, UV radiation, glare and brightness issues and more. Our expert installers can help you find the right solution for you, so you don’t have to suffer in the heat anymore. Instead of a costly new low-E window installation, consider solar film!

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