Are UV Rays Harmful to Your Dog’s Eyes?

When you’re heading outdoors in the summer, you probably rarely leave without your sunglasses. You may even experience sun glare inside your home, which can be mitigated through window tinting in Birmingham, AL. Sunglasses protect our eyes from UV light and make it more comfortable to be outdoors in the sun. However, you may not think about your dog’s eyes when taking him for a walk. Read on to learn more about the effects of UV rays on your dog’s eyes.

Long-term effects of UV exposure

Dogs have a shorter lifespan than humans, meaning they don’t have to worry so much about the cumulative effects of UV rays and damage, like cataracts. However, they can still develop other issues related to taking in too much UV light. For instance, dogs can still get cataracts, pannus and other eye issues. Some breeds are more at risk than others. For example, shepherds and pugs are both more prone to developing eye problems.

Protecting your dog’s eyes

What can you do to protect your dog’s eyes from harmful UV rays? Sunglasses are one solution, and can be useful in situations such as on car rides, where they may stick their head out the window and are also subject to high winds and flying debris. However, even inside your home, your dog may spend many hours looking out the window and experiencing exposure to UV rays. Window tinting in Birmingham, AL can help minimize the amount of UV rays that come in through your window. Not only does window tinting minimize UV rays, but it reduces solar energy that comes in through the window and helps to lower your energy costs. Especially in the summer, when cooling costs rise, every little bit is important in keeping costs down. Solar window tinting in Birmingham, AL can almost completely eliminate harmful UV rays that come in the window. They block out 99 percent of destructive UV rays, and 98.5 percent of harmful infrared rays.

In addition to protecting your dog’s eyes from harmful UV rays, window tinting will reduce the strain on your own eyes from inside your home. Plus, window tinting reduces fading on your furniture and other belongings. Now you and your dog can safely sit by the window and enjoy the view of the outdoors from the interior of your home. Fewer sun rays mean a cooler, more comfortable home for everyone.

At Solar Control Specialists, we provide solar window tinting in Birmingham, AL. Our window films are made of the best materials and expertly installed by our window tinting specialists. Our films protect your home from harmful sun rays and heat, keeping you cooler and more comfortable in your home and increasing your energy efficiency, saving you money on energy costs.

We often think about protecting our own eyes when we go outside or even when we’re squinting indoors, but our furry friends have the same problems as we do and would benefit from window tinting. Solar Control Specialists provides quality window tinting service at reasonable rates. Give us a call today to learn more about your options!

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