How Your Business Can Benefit from Anti-Graffiti Window Film Installation in Birmingham, AL

Graffiti vandals can cause a host of problems for commercial property owners—especially when windows get tagged. From costly cleanup to expensive repairs or replacements, businesses have been through it all, and this type of vandalism is likely to continue.

It’s time to protect your window glass from harm! Here’s how your retail or office building can benefit from taking advantage of anti-graffiti window film installation in Birmingham, AL.

Graffiti peels off

A professional window film installer will apply anti-graffiti film to your window glass. The window film adds an extra outer layer to your windows, which acts as an invisible barrier between the glass and any graffiti left behind by vandals. As long as the entire surface of the vandalized window is covered in this film, the actual window glass will avoid permanent damage. Instead, the anti-graffiti film takes the hit and there should be no cleanup needed. Simply peel off the anti-graffiti window film to remove the marks and reveal blemish-free glass.

Film protects the glass

Graffiti vandals use a variety of inks and paints to leave their mark on the windows of businesses, but some of these products are made with chemicals that can damage window glass. One benefit of using anti-graffiti window film is that it establishes a secure layer on the outside of your window that protects the glass from permanent damage after being graffitied over.

A quality anti-graffiti film can absorb any gouging, etching or discoloring caused by this kind of vandalism. If your storefront is vandalized, all you need to do is remove the anti-graffiti film, then replace it with new window film. Do this as needed to protect and extend the lifespan of your establishment’s windows.

Saves the cost of graffiti cleanup

Although a majority of inks, permanent markers and spray paints may be removed from window glass using a sharp razorblade or commercial cleaning solution, just peeling away the vandalized outer layer is easier. The former cleanup option can be both time-consuming and costly, and may even cause more damage to the glass. If the vandals used sharp instruments to gouge the glass or a corrosive acid to damage the surface, you’re looking at a much higher cost to repair or replace the window. Protect your building’s window glass using an anti-graffiti window film, and peel it off cleanly if it gets vandalized.

Deters future graffiti vandals

The thing about building taggers is that once one vandal tags your property, others will either see the building as an open target or want to leave their mark over that of their competitor. If your store has multiple front window panes, be sure to apply anti-graffiti film to all of them, because an attack on one pane of glass will look like an invitation for attacks on the others. With anti-graffiti film, a vandal’s mark gets peeled away so fast that their graffiti does not have time to attract other taggers.

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