The Benefits of the New 3M Window Films in Birmingham, AL

There are a variety of companies out there that are doing some outstanding work in innovating window tinting and window film solutions. One of these companies is 3M, which has developed a brand-new line of automotive window films under the Crystalline name.

Window tint itself isn’t exactly a new innovation in the automotive world. However, the way 3M has gone about developing it is quite unique, and could prove to be revolutionary in the industry. The company’s new window films are actually several shades lighter than what you’d typically see in window tinting, to the point where they almost look clear to the naked eye. However, despite this clarity, the company claims the films are capable of reflecting at least as much energy as traditional window tinting, if not more.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of this brand-new product for window tinting in Birmingham, AL.

Clear window films? Believe it

The original idea behind clear window films was that they would serve drivers who still wanted to be able to get the most important benefits of window tinting without actually having to make their windows any darker, cutting out any potential concerns for nighttime visibility. Because there are also varying laws from state to state about exactly how much tinting is allowed, having window films that maintain a clear and transparent appearance would be beneficial for compliance across all state lines.

To put it simply, these brand-new window films from 3M give you the benefits you’d expect out of window tinting, like protection against heat and ultraviolet radiation, but they still let in the same amount of light that you’d get from windows without tinting or film.

These window films have been out for several years, but didn’t get a whole lot of hype in the early going from the press or the auto industry, probably because window films aren’t as “sexy” as the latest technological upgrades to engines or other special vehicle features. However, the company has certainly been impressing people with its demonstrations of the product, and it has started to get more attention in the automotive industry of late.

According to 3M, its Crystalline window films are able to reject 99.9 percent of UV radiation and 90 to 97 percent of infrared radiation, which are some remarkable results and even better than what you would find from many standard window tints.

There is also significant heat reduction, which is another great benefit to consider. Reducing the heat inside a vehicle can prevent you from feeling a burn when sitting down on a leather seat or when placing your hand on the clutch on a hot day.

Therefore, if you do a lot of driving and are looking for a way to add some comfort and protection to your driving experience without having to tint your windows, these window tints in Birmingham, AL may be exactly what you’re looking for. Contact Solar Control Specialists today for more information about how to invest in one of 3M’s new products for your vehicle!

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