The Downside of Direct Sunlight in Your Home

Over the course of time, exposure to sunlight coming through your windows can fade the colors of your furnishings and possessions. While you can get special window films and tinting to cut down the UV exposure, there are also other steps you can take to help prevent unsightly fading and UV damage to your décor.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid interior sunlight discoloration in Birmingham, AL.

Frequently rearrange your furniture

If all of your furniture and décor stay in the exact same locations, this will only serve to emphasize the damage that occurs, and result in some spots fading while other spots, often right next to them, stay the same color.

You can try keeping furniture away from the windows and out of direct sunlight. This can also help you add some visual interest to the room and create some more potential conversation areas. It also helps to make the rooms look larger than if you have all of your items pushed up against walls. While this won’t always keep all of your furniture out of the light, it will at least make it easier for you to distribute the light and fading more evenly.

In addition, swap out your photos or artwork, and if you have particularly valuable or meaningful photos or art, try to keep them on walls that don’t get direct sunlight. Sunny spots can instead be reserved for mirrors, metal décor and other items that will resist fading.

Decorate for the sunlight

In addition to moving around your furniture and décor, you can also select items that account for your sunlight. There are certain types of fabric, for example, that are designed to be more fade-resistant. You may consider using those in your space where appropriate.

Be aware that certain bright and deep colors, like red, will often fade faster, so you should aim for neutral colors to reduce the faded appearance. Bright colors are best reserved for fabric items that are easy to replace, such as throws and accent pillows. You might also consider using slip covers if the room is particularly full of light.

Window shades

As we previously mentioned, the proper window treatments can go a long way toward keeping all of your items protected from UV damage. You don’t necessarily have to get blackout shades and keep your house in total darkness, though. There are plenty of window tinting options that can allow you to keep a natural view of the outdoors while still cutting down on the ultraviolet light coming through the window.

The shades you use can make a difference. Motorized shades make it easy to block the light when you’re across the room. There are also sheer window treatment options that allow you to let natural light continue to come through your home while blocking the UV rays.

For more tips and information about avoiding sunlight discoloration in Birmingham, AL, we encourage you to contact Solar Control Specialists today. We look forward to working with you soon!

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