Do You Have Winter Sun Concerns? We Can Help

Since it’s getting colder out, you might not think there’s much of a need for window film or tinting—but fall and winter are actually some of the best times to install window tinting. Despite the cool temperatures, you should still be keeping sun concerns in Birmingham, AL in mind this. winter.

Why winter sun is a problem

Obviously, summertime is when the heat and light are most powerful, but when the heat dissipates, that doesn’t mean the UV rays do, too. In fact, southern-facing windows are prone to receiving significantly more intense light, heat and UV rays during the winter. The winter sun is closer to the earth at this time of year, which makes the heat and UV rays more focused. While this is good for keeping your home warm, UV rays are harmful to your health, and prolonged sun exposure can fade your carpets and furnishings.

The more intense winter sun also provides more glare, which can be annoying. Even if you keep your blinds or drapes shut, you’ll be relying more on interior lighting, meaning you won’t exactly save money on your energy bill. Plus, many people enjoy looking out the window—having to keep your window coverings shut throughout the winter can make for a depressing and isolating experience.

How window tinting can help

Using professionally installed window tinting or film can help address all of these sun concerns in Birmingham, AL. First of all, window tinting blocks harmful UV rays, which will keep your family healthy and happy throughout the whole year.

Second, window tinting can not only block glare and UV rays, but it also helps insulate your home. Hot air is attracted to the cold, which is why cold windows will attract the heat from your HVAC system and allow it to dissipate outside. That makes it harder for your HVAC system to keep up with the demands of the cold winter months. Window film and tinting block heat from leaving your home, saving you money on your energy bill. Conversely, in the summer, the heat will be blocked from entering your home through the windows, so your air conditioning won’t have to work overtime to keep your home cool.

Depending on your home’s or business’s needs, window tinting and window film can be a safe, easy and cost-effective way to keep you and your guests happy, warm and healthy.

Address winter sun concerns in Birmingham, AL with help from Solar Control Specialists

The experts at Solar Control Specialists provide expert window film installation, quickly and at affordable rates. We can help with all of your home and commercial window tinting requirements, helping block UV radiation, glare and excessive heat. Whether you need practical solutions for your home or beautiful custom window film with logos, we can provide the highly skilled installation and service you need to keep your energy bills down and your household or customers happy. Call us today to find out how we can help your home or business.

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