How to Avoid Furniture Fading in the Winter

Decorating and furnishing your home is an opportunity to make the space your own, but with as much time and energy as this requires, keeping your furniture in top shape is always a concern. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your furniture, and with this in mind, your local window tinting specialists are here to tell you how to avoid furniture fading in Birmingham, AL this winter:

  • Buying the right fabric: As you’re shopping around for different pieces of furniture, make sure to pay attention to their fabric makeup. If you know that the layout of your home will expose your furniture to a constant stream of natural sunlight, try to buy furniture that is made with fabric that has a higher fade resistance, such as a polyester blend. It can also be helpful to keep in mind that darker colors will fade more easily than lighter ones, and the discoloration will be much more noticeable.
  • Protective covering: While you may want to show off the design of your sofa or love seat all the time, using a protective cover slip will not only help to combat discoloration, but will also protect against spills and dirt buildup. There are many luxurious and decorative covers to choose from, and you can always pull the cover off when you have family or friends over, or when you’re hosting a special event at your home.
  • Year-round consistency: When the summer ends and there is less visible sunlight, the sun’s UV rays can still come through to do their damage even on the cloudiest, grayest of days. Make sure to continue utilizing your combination of furniture protection techniques during the darker months, and remain diligent year-round.
  • Window treatments: Tinting your windows is a solution that will minimize the amount of sunlight that comes through, while still providing ample illumination and natural light to enjoy. Window film in particular can prevent well over 90 percent of the sun’s UV rays from entering your home, protecting your furniture and helping to improve your home’s energy efficiency in the process.
  • Rotate your furniture: If the same piece of furniture sits in the same spot every day, the sun exposure and subsequent discoloration will likely become very noticeable in a short period of time. Rotating your furniture will help to delay this damage, slowing the process down in a much more gradual and uniform manner. Flipping your couch and chair cushions on a regular basis can also help slow the effects of fading.

Keeping the sun’s harsh rays from ever having the chance to harm your furniture is one of the best ways to protect against damage and discoloration, and winter window tinting in Birmingham, AL is an efficient way to do just that. The team at Solar Control Specialists knows how important it is to protect your valuable pieces of furniture throughout the year, which is why we have provided homeowners with the very best residential window tinting solutions for well over 35 years. Give us a call today to learn more about the wide range of window tinting services we offer.

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