Why Hire a Professional for Your Window Tinting?

If you have some extra time on your hands, you might look around your home and notice all the projects that need to be done. In some cases, doing it yourself is a way to save time and money, but when it comes to window tinting, it’s often better to call a professional. Applying window tinting looks deceptively simple, but achieving a seamless, bubble-free finish takes a lot of skill and practice to get right. Ultimately, you’ll save time and money by opting for professional residential window tinting in Birmingham, AL. Here’s why:

  • Benefit from industry expertise: If you apply your own window tinting, chances are you’ll go with what’s available at your local home improvement store, which isn’t necessarily the best product available. When you hire a professional, they’ll come to your home and evaluate exactly what you need to get the best possible results. You could do hours of research online, but that doesn’t compare to the expertise that comes with doing window tinting day in and day out for years. Your window tinting professional will discuss your options and potential strategies to increase your savings.
  • Save time and money: It’s easy to look at window tinting and think that the project is a matter of simply cutting a piece of film and sticking it to the windowpane. It’s often harder than you might expect, though, especially if you’re dealing with skylights or unusually-shaped windows. Instead of putting out the money for supplies, spending hours researching application techniques and potentially botching the job, hire a professional from the outset. They’ll get it done right the first time, with higher-quality materials and industry skill.
  • Better results: Speaking of getting things done right the first time, you’ll get better results when you hire a pro. Window tinting film is thin, tears easily and is prone to bubbling if you don’t have just the right touch. If your windows are hard to reach, have multiple panes or are a focal point of your space, like picture windows, hiring a professional is your best bet for quality results. Plus, you’ll get a better warranty from both the installer and the manufacturer.
  • Long-term savings: Finally, the materials that professionals get are of a better quality than the film you can get at a home improvement store. Tinting your windows doesn’t just cut down on bright sunlight and glare—if you use high-quality film, applied by a professional, it can significantly cut down on the UV rays entering your home. You’ll not only protect your furniture, draperies and carpet, but also cut down on your energy bills thanks to the reduced heat transfer.

Professional window tinting in Birmingham, AL

Solar Control Specialists offers complete professional window tinting services in Birmingham, AL, including services for residential and commercial buildings. We offer a variety of tinting solutions, including films that prevent graffiti and property damage. When you’re ready to cut the glare and cool down your building, call the professionals at Solar Control Specialists for a quote.

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