Can Window Tinting Save You Money?

With summer fast approaching, we can expect our utility bills to go up again as the weather warms up. Windows let in the natural light and offer views of the outside world, but they also let in heat and UV rays, which can fade your drapery, furniture, carpet and other possessions while also forcing your air conditioner to work overtime. That’s why energy-saving residential window tinting in Birmingham, AL can be a major money saver for any home. It’s a thin, clear and virtually undetectable film placed over your windowpanes to reduce glare, light and heat transfer while blocking UV rays. Here’s how it can help:

  • Keep your home cool in the summer: The biggest benefit from window tinting is keeping your home cool in the summer—tinted window film still lets the light in, but less of it. Blocking UV rays helps prevent heat transfer from the outdoors into your home. If you’ve ever felt like the morning sunshine quickly turns your home from idyllic into a giant oven, window tinting can help solve that problem. In turn, your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard to keep your home cool, which saves money on utility bills.
  • Stay warm in the winter: Window tinting also helps in the winter months—the window film will help your home retain heat, keeping it warmer longer, and reducing the need to run the heater quite so much.
  • Cheaper than replacing your windows: While window tinting won’t fix old, drafty windows, it can extend their lifespan for years, until you’re able to replace them. If you already have new windows, you can enhance their energy efficiency by applying window tinting.
  • Pays for itself: Typically, window tinting pays for itself with energy savings in Birmingham, AL in just two to five years—that’s a quick return on your investment! You’ll notice an immediate drop in your monthly bills, and the savings will keep building over time.
  • Keeps your furnishings bright: Finally, window tinting is great for keeping your interiors looking fresh and new. When you spend time and money getting your home looking just the way you want, faded furniture, rugs, carpet and drapes can be frustrating—plus, they’re expensive to replace. Window tinting helps preserve your furnishings just the way you like them.

Now is a great time to install window tinting, before the temperatures really rise for the summer. Save money on your energy bill, keep your home cool and comfortable and your interiors looking great for years to come!

Energy-saving residential window tinting in Birmingham, AL

When it’s hot out, keep your home cool by having the professionals at Solar Control Specialists install window tinting. We offer complete window tinting services for residential and commercial buildings—be sure to ask us about our specialized film to combat graffiti or breakage. Keep your home cool all summer long and save money on your utility bills when you work with us—reach out to us today to find out more and schedule your consultation!

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