How to Prevent Upholstery Fabric from Fading in Sunlight

If you’ve ever bought the perfect sofa to fill in that gap in your living room, then you know the feeling of relief and accomplishment that comes with finding just the right piece. However, this isn’t the end of the road—you still need to be aware of what to watch for to keep that piece of furniture in good shape. Regular cleaning is of course a big part of furniture and upholstery maintenance, but the sun can also be an adversary that you need to be ready to battle.

Sun discoloration in Birmingham, AL can be much more of a problem than many people think it is, which is why you need to be ready to stop it in its tracks. Read on for some helpful tips from the experts.

Consider window treatments and tinting

One of the best ways to stop the threat of faded upholstery fabric in Birmingham, AL is to try and prevent the worst impacts of the rays themselves. This can involve employing a number of different strategies, but treating windows in such a way as to control and mitigate the worst parts of sunlight can be an effective way to protect your furniture.

Solar Control Specialists is the area’s expert when it comes to this field, and window tinting is one of our most popular services. By tinting your windows, you are immediately protecting everything in your home from the sun’s most powerful and destructive UV rays—including your upholstery.

Consider fabric and color choice

The fact of the matter is that some materials and hues are going to change colors more easily than others when they come into contact with UV rays. Sun discoloration in Birmingham, AL is quite a bit more common in silk pieces, for example, than it is in fabrics that contain polyester. Our team can offer some insight into these types of concerns, but it’s also a good idea for customers to do some research ahead of time and speak with the representatives at the furniture store when making a purchase. Finally, fabric and color selection will likely be a part of your shopping checklist for purely aesthetic reasons, as well.

Rotate your furniture

If your room allows for it, a great way to prevent sun discoloration in Birmingham, AL is to regularly rotate your furniture in and out of the exposure areas. This ensures that all furniture gets relatively even amounts of sunlight on their surfaces and creates a lower chance of sustained sunlight causing real damage to one piece or another.

Protecting your furniture from sunlight is usually just a matter of choosing the right materials, but you can also prevent the damage from occurring with window tinting that blocks the worst of the rays. Solar Control Specialists has been working with customers seeking window tinting for almost 40 years, and we can help you protect your investments, too—give us a call today to learn more about our products and services, or to schedule a consultation!

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