Don’t Let Looters Destroy Your Livelihood: Invest in Security Window Film to Prevent Disaster

Street violence in Portland. Frozen water bottles being hurled in Downtown Atlanta. Magic City businesses still boarded up. It seems that almost daily our TV screens and newsfeeds are filled with scenes of mayhem. Burning fast food restaurants, stone-throwing demonstrators, and broken glass – always so much broken glass.

No one likes to think that something bad could happen in their hometown—and no one likes to consider that their business could be destroyed in a riot. Birmingham business-owners and shopkeepers likely didn’t anticipate damage to their stores when they locked up for the night on Sunday, May 31. Then chaos erupted.

Gunfire and fire raged into the wee hours, and the aftermath rocked a recently revitalized Birmingham. Windows of the historic Alabama Theater were busted out. Beloved locally-owned restaurants and boutiques were vandalized. The Alabama Power Building was smashed and looted, where priceless archives were stolen never to be seen again.

There is a product that can help protect you and your place of business from these devastating events. At Solar Control Specialists, we’re proud to offer our security window film. Applied to windows and glass doors, the impact resistance can provide a serious deterrent to would-be rioters and looters who rely on brute force and speed to enter a property where they have no business being. Our security window film will help keep your window intact when struck and can protect you from dangerous flying glass in the event of an impact. Security window film is nearly invisible and unbeknownst to passersby, meaning that your efforts to protect your business won’t affect patrons by imposing an added precaution.

On storefronts, the glass fragment retention properties of our security film – along with properly installed “edge attachments” – can discourage looters by preventing entry long enough for law enforcement to arrive on the scene. After all, it’s a lot easier to replace a smashed window than it is to replace personal possessions or business inventory. Available in both “clear” and “tinted” versions, this specialized protective film can be used on display windows or double as a “sun control” film for your place of business.

With a looming election and nearly constant unrest in our world today, it seems imminent that riots are on the horizon for Birmingham again. How many times will insurance cover your losses without you taking serious precautions to prevent the inevitable? You may not like to think that

you need protection, but remember it doesn’t really take 1,000 rioters to destroy your livelihood; you only need one person with a bad attitude and a brick in hand to cause all that you’ve worked so hard for to come crashing down. Consider protecting your business with Solar Control Specialists security film services and achieve instant peace of mind.

If you have questions about window film in Birmingham, Alabama, or you’re interested in investing in window tinting for your home or business, reach out to Solar Control Specialists. We’ve been providing quality window tinting services for commercial and residential customers since 1982. No matter what your specific needs may be, we’re ready to help. Give us a call at 205-410-6835 find out more about our services.

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