Prevent Serious Damage from Graffiti and Keep Your Storefront in the Best Possible Shape with Anti-Graffiti Film

You see it all the time: Gorgeous storefronts and business restrooms defaced and disrespected by graffiti. With a few mere sprays from a can of paint, messy Sharpie scribblings, or scratches with a knife, glass quickly becomes unattractive and expensive to repair. If your business is vandalized and you spend the money replacing it, then what? The glass goes right back to being at risk of being tagged again. Graffiti can put a dent in already thin profit margins—not to mention the fact that it can make customers feel uneasy in otherwise friendly, welcoming communities. Cities regularly spend hundreds of thousands to clean up graffiti, but with mayors being forced to make budget cuts in lieu of COVID-19, many citywide clean-up efforts will fall to the wayside, leaving businesses throughout towns and cities unsightly. While it’s tough to stop people from creating graffiti, commercial businesses and nonprofits can use anti-graffiti film to prevent damage to the glass itself.

Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Film

The team at Solar Control Specialists is proud to offer an excellent solution to those with zero respect for your business’ property. Anti-graffiti film is a layer of film that protects glass and stainless steel surfaces from damage. Anti-graffiti film is a clear window film that can be installed on windows, glass, and/or mirrors that does not obstruct view or appearance. In fact, people won’t even know it’s there. Our anti-graffiti film adds a layer of protection without risking any loss of business due to dark windows or shaded glass. It provides business owners with an affordable, simple-to-manage solution that eliminates the need to replace glass in the event of defacing by marker, spray paint, or etching.

Anti-graffiti film takes on the damage from paint, scratching, and other surface abrasions. While it won’t stop the act of vandalism from happening, it will protect the glass underneath. If
anti-graffiti film needs to be replaced, you simply contact our team at Solar Control Specialists to come out and remove the tagged window film with a fresh new layer.

If the anti-graffiti film does need to be removed and replaced, it’s a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass itself. The film offers complete visibility for passersby and regular building users while also provides protection from sunlight to items inside the building or store.

Preventing the Dire Consequences of Vandalism

Without the security of an anti-graffiti film, business owners and building managers expose themselves to the costly aftermath of vandalism. Beyond the high price often associated with replacing defaced glass, it’s not always possible to receive same-day service from glass repair companies, meaning you may have to go several days with unsightly damage to your storefront.

Solar Control Specialists

Get ahead of vandals with Solar Control Specialists’ anti-graffiti window film You can take steps to protect your business and prevent damage to your reputation. If you’re interested in having our team of experts place anti-graffiti film on your windows or mirrors, or you’d like to learn more about other window films or tinting options, please click here or call 205-410-6835 today.

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