Security Film vs. Window Film: How to Choose

There are differences between security film and window film. Both offer their own types of window protection, but some businesses and high-profile homes seek more in terms of security and anti-graffiti protection in Birmingham, AL. When you are choosing film, it is a good idea to know what you hope it offers and which variations will work with your expectations. Here are five differences between security film and window film to help you make an informed decision:

  • Weather protection: Both types of film will reduce your air conditioning bills and keep your indoor atmosphere from getting too warm. However, security film offers an additional layer of weather protection—it is shatter-proof. If a windstorm sends tree branches through your window, the security film will stand up to it and at least reduce the shattering. This protects any occupants from injury and reduces the cost of damage. Regular window film is not as durable.
  • Decorative elements: If you seek window film that shows your trademarks or helps you to decorate for the holidays, that is more difficult with dark security film. You will likely have to choose regular window film if aesthetics is your goal. If you are not interested in displaying decorations or trademarks, but are concerned about safety or vandalism, then security film is likely your best option. We can also combine the two types, so security film is mounted on the accessible parts of the window while decoration is oriented out of reach.
  • Crime prevention: Windows are excellent for adding light and creating a more welcoming business space. Unfortunately, windows are also a security risk. If you have a ground-floor office, burglars can see your expensive equipment and break the windows to steal it. The same is true with retail establishments. Darker security tint hides your valuables better, so there is less incentive to break in. Just as with weather, security film reduces shattering, which makes it difficult to break in as well. The extra time it takes to get past the security tint gives time for law enforcement to appear and make arrests.
  • Anti-graffiti protection: Another bane of beautiful glass windows is graffiti. A regular window tint can still sustain graffiti and give you a cleanup job later. Security tint will not hold graffiti, and if anyone wishes to vandalize your business by breaking windows, anti-shattering properties will prevent those instances as well. Also, if your business sustains graffiti, it is easier to remove and replace anti-graffiti film then replace the marked windows with new ones.
  • Energy efficiency: If energy efficiency is your goal, both types of window film work well. They reduce the load on air conditioning in the summer and conserve heat in the winter. While it could be argued that a darker security tint leads to better energy efficiency, the difference it makes is actually negligible.

Solar Control Specialists offers window protection from light, heat and vandalism in Birmingham, AL. Contact us today if you seek another layer of anti-graffiti protection or want to install decorative window film for the upcoming holidays.

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