Five Ways Window Tinting Is an Investment in Office Security

We face unsettling times, and that makes break-ins and vandalism a constant threat against U.S. businesses. Fortunately, there are solutions to prevent or at least substantially reduce damage. These include anti-graffiti mirror film and security window film. Either option is an excellent investment in office and retail space security in Birmingham, AL. Here are five ways window film is an essential part of your business security plan:

  • Reduces window breakage: The primary advantage with window film is that it makes windows shatterproof. If someone throws a brick during a protest, your windows sustain damage, but they do not shatter. The same is true if someone attempts to break in or severe weather sends tree branches hurtling toward your building. Windows are often a security and safety threat because they shatter. Installing film reduces that possibility.
  • Improved privacy: If your business is a ground-floor office, anyone passing by can watch your employees work or see all of your expensive equipment. Most people do not want an audience as they work, so security tinting offers them that privacy. This is a big advantage if any of your employees were recently victims of a crime, or if they are currently being stalked. The privacy also extends to your equipment, because a darker tint keeps aspiring thieves from seeing what they may want to steal. Security tint then becomes an excellent option for keeping workers and equipment safe.
  • Legal compliance: Another reason to support your employees’ needs for privacy is legal compliance. If your business handles sensitive matters or personal information, you do not need your clients to be on public display or make it easy for interlopers to read data off computer screens when a worker is away from their desk. When your line of business demands strong adherence to privacy guidelines, a little extra tint will go a long way. Your clients will see your commitment to compliance and feel safer knowing their information is in competent hands.
  • Reduced graffiti: While graffiti is technically not a security risk, it makes it seem like you don’t look out for your business well—it’s also just unsightly. Anti-graffiti protection in window film repels paint, abrasives and acid etchants to prevent graffiti. If a street artist successfully tags your building, you merely need to replace the film rather than the entire window. Our company maintains an emergency number if you face this issue.
  • Severe weather protection: Broken windows are not limited to human activity. Severe weather sends rocks and tree branches hurtling towards glass buildings and promises nothing but disaster. If this occurs, your building and everything in it is vulnerable until you have a chance to assess the damage and arrange for repairs. When film prevents shattering, this keeps your building secure, and also prevents any employees who are inside at the time from sustaining injuries.

Solar Control Specialists offers security window film and anti-graffiti mirror film for homes and businesses in Birmingham, AL. Contact us today if you would like to schedule a free estimate and get started on protecting your assets better.

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