How to Prevent Graffiti on Your Business

Graffiti is annoying, inconvenient and frustrating, especially when it comes to your business. Presenting a welcoming and professional image isn’t easy when your building has been tagged, and if you don’t have time to clean it or cover it up right away, your customers may wonder if they’re in an unsafe part of town—or if you just don’t care about how your business looks. Preventing graffiti can be an ongoing struggle, but anti-graffiti protective window film can help solve the problem in Birmingham, AL.

If you’re not familiar with this type of window film, read on to learn how it can help your business.

No need to scrub graffiti or replace your windows

Preventing vandalism is difficult, especially if you’re unable to afford 24/7 building security. Vandals not only paint on windows and buildings, but some also etch, carve or try to break the glass. That’s why anti-graffiti window film is such a boon. Rather than needing to scrub graffiti off or replace an entire window, you simply replace the film.

The protective film is clear, practically invisible and extremely durable. Anti-graffiti window film in Birmingham, AL provides a “sacrificial” surface that vandals can attack; afterwards, you peel the film off and replace it with a new application. While not entirely break-proof, it can help keep pieces of glass together so it doesn’t shatter all over the inside of your building. It also makes it much more difficult for someone to break in this way.

Anti-graffiti film is cheap enough that you can replace it 10 to 20 times before it reaches the cost of replacing a single window. You’ll not only protect your building, but your profits as well. If you live in an area that’s prone to graffiti and break-ins, this window film is well worth the money.

Finally, anti-graffiti film can be applied to just about any mirrored or glass surface—which means you can also apply it to your work vehicles, tabletops or other spots that might be targeted.

Other benefits of anti-graffiti film

In addition to keeping vandalism in check, anti-graffiti film offers other benefits. Like any window film, it adds insulation, controls the heat and reduces glare. If your building tends to heat up when the sun shines in, your protective window film can help keep the heat down. This saves you a bundle on your energy bill, and will keep your employees and customers happy. Plus, reducing glare means passersby won’t be blinded during a particularly bright day—no one can see your business if they’re busy shielding their eyes.

Some protective film comes in a mirrored or tinted version, so you can also address privacy issues with one insulation material. Control who can see into your building by opting for one of these varieties.

When you’re ready to install your own protective anti-graffiti window film in Birmingham, AL, call Solar Control Specialists. We offer a variety of protective film options for your commercial building, and will ensure it’s installed flawlessly every time.