How to Secure Your Home Without an Alarm System

The holiday season brings cheer and joy to families across the world. Unfortunately, it also tends to bring an uptick in robberies. Last year, for example, California saw an 18 percent increase in home invasions during the month of December, and that’s not just a coincidence—other parts of the country also see more break-ins this time of year.

One of the best ways to protect your home from would-be burglars is with a home security system. However, these are quite expensive and can be a hassle to install. That’s why many homeowners look elsewhere to improve their home’s security! Continue reading to learn how methods like installing privacy window film in Birmingham, AL can protect your home from thieves:

  • Install window film with safety properties: Smashing your windows is one of the easiest ways for a criminal to get into your home. Make that point of entry more difficult by installing window film that makes your glass shatter-proof. This specialty window treatment is often used for commercial purposes, but it’s just as effective in protecting your home.
  • Review and replace unsecured windows and doors: Your old doors and windows get weaker as time goes on, meaning they’re easier for a thief to kick in and enter your home. Think like a burglar and perform an audit of your windows and doors. Any that seem like they might be easy to break down or pry open should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Keep your doors and windows locked: In addition to installing privacy window film in Birmingham, AL and replacing your old doors and windows, be sure to keep them locked at night and when you’re not at home. Keeping your doors and windows locked adds a small extra layer of security and gives you a little peace of mind at night.
  • Perform a lock inspection: We recommend hiring a locksmith to inspect all of the exterior locks at your home. The locksmith can tell whether the locks are sturdy or if they should be replaced and upgraded. You could also consider investing in high-tech locks that don’t require a key.
  • Be smart about your hide-a-key: If you’re still using keys, be careful where you hide your spare one. Keeping it under a doormat or inside a fake rock is just asking for trouble. Instead, give a spare key to a friend or a neighbor for safekeeping.
  • Install motion-sensing outdoor lights: Window film installation in Birmingham, AL will go a long way in protecting your home, but you’ll also want to update your outdoor lighting. Lights that automatically turn on when something moves outside can go a long way in scaring off would-be burglars as well as pests rummaging through your trashcans.

Upgrade your window film today

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