How Anti-Graffiti Film Can Benefit You

If you’ve owned or worked maintenance at commercial buildings in Birmingham, AL before, you probably are familiar with anti-graffiti film. This is an important product to use in areas that get a lot of foot traffic and also have a lot of glass.

It’s an unfortunate reality that these areas tend to be major targets for vandalism, including graffiti. Anti-graffiti film is a way to protect your glass against acts of vandalism. It protects your property, is easy to install and is affordable in most cases.

Here’s an overview of what you should know about anti-graffiti film and its benefits:

  • Protect many types of surfaces: Anti-graffiti film can provide excellent protection for glass, aluminum or stainless steel surfaces. Because it’s clear, it doesn’t create any kind of visual detriment to the surface on which it’s installed, and light can still shine through it. With glass, the film is usually used on display cases, storefront windows or doors, building entrances, sneeze guards, mirrors and more. With metal, you’ll frequently find it on elevators, vending machines and escalators.
  • Clarity: Anti-graffiti film is clear, which means anyone who’s walking by won’t be able to tell you’ve installed film on the glass. It also means you won’t restrict visibility through your windows.
  • Easy to install: Window films for graffiti protection are simple to install. There’s an adhesive side of the film that is applied directly onto the surface of the glass, much like other types of window films used for solar protection. Once the film is stuck on the glass, it will immediately begin protecting it from vandalism. If vandalism occurs, it’s the film that bears the brunt of the damage, rather than the glass itself.
  • Reliable protection: Because the film is most likely to be installed in high-traffic areas, you can gain some valuable peace of mind from knowing that you have constant, reliable protection of those potentially high-target surfaces. This means protection against not just graffiti, but also scratches, etching and other vandalism when you can’t be at the premises or have security guards there to watch. It provides a great level of protection at a relatively low cost of investment.
  • Save money: Speaking of investment, this is a chance to get much more reliable protection for your glass and other surfaces at a low cost. You won’t have to worry about spending nearly as much to replace the glass, and if the film does get tagged, you can easily replace the film for significantly less money than it would cost you to replace the glass. This spares you the inconvenience of having to frequently replace your glass, which can be rather demoralizing as a business owner.

These are just a few examples of some of the most important characteristics and benefits of anti-graffiti film. To learn more about the various types of security films and how you can implement them on your property in Birmingham, AL, contact the team at Solar Control Specialists today. We look forward to going over your options with you.