Can Window Film Reduce the Glare on Your TVs and Computer Screens?

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy spending time outside on a bright and sunny day. On the other hand, hanging out inside when the sun is shining can be a bit frustrating. All of that sunlight creates a distracting glare on your TVs and computer screens.

While closing the curtains is a simple solution, staring at a computer or TV in a dimly-lit room is bad for your eyes. Instead of straining your eyes or living with that annoying glare, you should opt for residential window film installation in Birmingham, AL.

Residential window film is the best way to prevent glare while still allowing plenty of natural sunlight to fill your home. Since it blocks those UV rays, you’re also able to enjoy a better view of sunrises and sunsets from the comfort of your home.

Other benefits of window film

Solar window films in Birmingham, AL have a variety of benefits in addition to preventing glare on your devices. Here are a few other reasons customers choose to install window film at their homes and offices:

  • Better energy efficiency: You lose a drastic amount of heat and AC through your windows, especially if you still have single-pane windows throughout your home. Upgrading to low-E glass or installing double-pane windows are two great ways to reduce the amount of solar heat gain, but that can be expensive. Instead, apply window film that provides the same energy-saving features as low-E glass at a fraction of the cost.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: In addition to saving money by not running your AC or furnace as frequently, your window film can really reduce your carbon footprint. Unless your HVAC system is already 100 percent solar-powered, you can do your part to save the environment by simply installing solar window films in Birmingham, AL.
  • Furniture protection: You know that UV rays cause sunburns and have devastating long-term effects on your skin, but did you know those same rays can also fade your precious furniture and carpeting? Because they block up to 90 percent of UV rays, the best way to prevent furniture fading is to add solar window film throughout your home. This simple process will keep all of your pieces looking great for years to come.
  • Increased safety: A baseball flying through the window or a tree branch falling during a storm doesn’t happen to everyone—and hopefully, it never happens to you! But if your window does break for some reason, you’ll be much better off if your glass has a solar film. Windows treated with solar film are less likely to shatter into a million tiny shards that cause nasty cuts and post serious safety risks.

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