Does Graffiti Make My Business Look Bad?

In some areas, graffiti is a common sight. Buildings, alleys, fences, windows and more are spotted with the work of local graffiti artists. But is this truly art? If your business is covered in graffiti, will it keep customers away? It very well might. As a business owner, it’s important to ask yourself: does graffiti affect business in Birmingham, AL? Here’s what you need to know.

How does graffiti affect business in Birmingham, AL?

Here’s a closer look at some of the threats graffiti may pose to your commercial property:

  • Lowers standards: Typically, graffiti lowers the standards of the area. It brings property values down and affects not only each business individually, but the area as a whole.
  • Gives negative impressions: When customers see graffiti, they usually get the impression that the area or business is run down. They may assume the quality of the products and services will therefore be less than desirable.
  • Creates threatening atmosphere: When customers see graffiti on your building or property, they may feel unsafe. It can give the impression that they are in a high-crime area. Due to perceived threats, they may decide to take their business elsewhere.
  • Destroys structures: The paint used for graffiti can be extremely difficult to remove. The liquid can seep into concrete blocks, bricks and stone or stain and scratch glass. You may need to sandblast the surface to remove the graffiti or replace expensive windows and doors.
  • Increases costs: Removing or painting over graffiti can be quite costly. It can also be time consuming. The process of restoring your property takes away time from other tasks required to run your business, and it adds cost to your budget, reducing your profits.

How can you protect your business from graffiti?

Fortunately, there are two things you can do to protect your property from graffiti and its negative effects on your business.

First, you can partner with security glass specialists to prevent graffiti artists from marking your property. By using security glass and glazing, you can reduce the likelihood that vandals will target your property or be able to do any damage to your business.

Second, you can partner with experts in security glass installation for fast graffiti removal in Birmingham, AL. By installing security glass, you can equip your property with surfaces that are easy to clean. You will be able to quickly restore your property to its former condition. This will reduce the chances that the graffiti does any long-term damage to your property. It will also minimize the effect on customers.

Fast graffiti removal in Birmingham, AL

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