Alternative Ideas for Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

Whether you’re dealing with an air conditioner that isn’t performing as reliably as it used to or you simply want to save some energy this summer by cutting back on your AC use, there are lots of alternative ways to keep your home cool in Birmingham, AL. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best ways to keep your home cool this summer without relying too heavily on your AC system.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of different ways to keep a home cool without cranking up the AC. Try out a few of these alternative ideas to reduce heat in the home in Birmingham, AL while saving money and energy on cooling:

  • Invest in a programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat is great for optimizing the efficiency of an AC system. They allow you to adjust HVAC function depending on the time of day to optimize efficiency and avoid expending too much energy on cooling when nobody’s home.
  • Keep windows covered: Using blinds or curtains to cover windows can reduce the amount of heat that enters a home through the windows. For best results, keep windows open overnight to allow cool air inside, and then close the windows and the blinds during the day, when sunlight is most direct. Open the windows again in the afternoon, when things start to cool down and get breezy.
  • Plant shade plants: Another alternative option to keep your home cool in Birmingham, AL is to plant shade plants around the home. Foliage can shield windows from direct sunlight to minimize thermal heat transfer during the summer months. In addition, plants and trees can add to the aesthetic appeal of a property and boost its value.
  • Use fans: One of the best ways to keep a home cool is to promote good air circulation. Use fans to circulate air throughout the home and prevent hot air from accumulating in any room or area. Portable fans and ceiling fans are both great for promoting circulation.
  • Leave doors open: Another great way to reduce heat in the home in Birmingham, AL is to keep inside doors open. Leaving doors closed inside can create hot spots and prevent cool air from effectively circulating through the home.
  • Install window tinting film: Window tinting film can make a huge difference when it comes to how much heat is transferred through the windows of a home. Since so much heat enters a home through the windows, installing window tint can cut down heat transfer significantly. In addition, window tinting film can also help reduce drafts and keep warm air inside during the winter months.

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