Benefits of Tinting Your Residential Windows

If you’ve been living without tinted windows at home, you might not realize just what you’re missing out on. Residential window tinting in Birmingham, AL is a great way to gain a little privacy, keep your energy bills lower and make your home more comfortable overall. Some homeowners assume it will be too expensive to install, but this is one investment that will pay off in comfort and energy savings. Here are the benefits of tinting your home’s windows:

  • Keep your energy bills down: Birmingham summers get hot—which means that if you want to stay comfortable all season, you’ll need to run your air conditioner. Those bills can really add up, especially when you have older windows. Window tinting prevents heat transfer, and cuts down on the amount of bright sunshine that comes in. This keeps your rooms a lot cooler during the summer, and traps the heat in during the winter. Over time, the lower energy bills will make the initial tinting cost more than worth it.
  • Add some privacy: Whether you have nosy neighbors or you just like to fly under the radar, window tinting can add some much-needed privacy. Not all window tinting has to be dark—but during the daytime, even slightly darker windows can offer more privacy than untreated windows. Some tinting and films offer a mirror-like effect, so anyone peering in from the outside will only be able to see their own reflection. Of course, you’ll still need to close your curtains at night when you turn the lights on.
  • Prevent fading: Finally, window tinting in Birmingham, AL can protect your upholstery, drapery, carpets and other items. For most of us, a home and its furnishings are some of the biggest investments we’ll ever make. It’s incredibly disappointing when the sun’s harmful UV rays fade fabrics and décor. You can avoid the problem by adding some tint to your windows.

Window tinting options

Your window tinting cost will depend on what kind of windows you have, how many they are and how large or unusually-shaped they may be. Once you’ve determined those basic factors, your window tinting specialist will be able to quote prices on different types of tint. You can choose from different shades as well as other features and effects—some tinting films are good for safety and security, while others add more privacy. Some are completely clear and are designed to block UV rays and heat transfer only.

Keep in mind that it’s important to hire a professional tinting contractor, since window tint is very delicate and requires a special skill set to install.

Whatever kind of window tinting you choose, you’re guaranteed to notice a big difference. Suddenly, the rooms that were always too hot to use in the summertime will be a lot more comfortable. Your furniture and décor will be protected, and you’ll enjoy lower energy bills as soon as the tinting is installed.

For more information about energy-saving ideas and residential window tinting in Birmingham, AL, call Solar Control Specialists today.