Tips for Improving School Window Security

The security and safety of school environments has, for better or worse, become a primary concern of parents and school districts alike in recent years. Every time parents send their children off to school, they want to be able to rest easy knowing they’re going to be safe.

There are a wide variety of safety measures that have been showing up in schools more frequently, including controlled access points, metal detection systems and rules regarding apparel and backpacks. But one under-the-radar issue is glass security for schools. Schools should make sure their windows are protected against potential attacks or intrusion by implementing features that strengthen glass and prevent it from shattering in such a way that could be dangerous to children inside.

The use of window film for greater security

One product that can be used to enhance window security at schools or in commercial environments is our security window film from Solar Control Specialists.

The window films we use to enhance security and to provide anti-graffiti protection are developed by some of the most respected brands in the window treatment industry, including Panorama and 3M. Schools can guard against criminal activity and afford greater protections to their students by installing these films on glass around their premises.

The primary benefit of a security window film is that it keeps windows intact even when they’re struck. Rather than the glass shattering into tiny pieces that will become a major safety hazard, the glass will either hold up to the impact or will crack into large pieces that do not fly around the area and are safer and easier to clean up. This makes it more difficult for would-be intruders to get into the premises, and also protects everyone inside from the dangers of broken glass and possible intrusion.

In addition, school window security films can be used for anti-graffiti purposes, which is particularly beneficial to schools, which tend to be major targets for graffiti. Various paints, acids and other abrasives are not able to damage anti-graffiti window films. Investing in the installation of these films may cost you more money up front, but it will save you significant time and money in the long run by preventing you from worrying about installing new glass panes after old ones were vandalized.

Any security film you purchase can come in either clear or tinted varieties. This means you don’t have to affect the appearance of the glass if you would rather it not have a tint. However, many schools find tints to be an appealing option because it prevents passersby from looking into windows while school is in session and children are in classrooms.

Ultimately, using window film helps to bolster glass security for schools and gives both district staff and parents some extra peace of mind while school is in session. For more information about the capabilities of our window films and the benefits they provide to the schools that use them, we encourage you to contact the team at Solar Control Specialists today with your questions.