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How Long Will Professionally Installed Window Film Last?

When installed well, window film can save you a significant amount of energy and money over the course of its lifespan, making for a more efficient household in Birmingham, AL. But what exactly can you expect that lifespan to be? Here’s a look at what you need to know about window film and its longevity. […]

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How to Secure Your Home Without an Alarm System

The holiday season brings cheer and joy to families across the world. Unfortunately, it also tends to bring an uptick in robberies. Last year, for example, California saw an 18 percent increase in home invasions during the month of December, and that’s not just a coincidence—other parts of the country also see more break-ins this […]

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How to Clean Windows That Have Solar Film

Installing solar window film is one of the best ways to protect your belongings from being faded by the sun while also reducing your overall energy costs. Just like any glass, windows with solar film need to be cleaned every once in a while to ensure they maintain their wonderful appearance. Be careful while cleaning […]

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