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Solar Control Specialists serves the hospitality industry with attractive, cost controlling solar window film. We’re an authorized Solar Gard Elite Panorama window dealer, so our window films are specifically designed to maintain the lighting and views your guests enjoy and expect.

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Here are some of the benefits of investing in solar window films at your property:

  • Protect your investment. Over time, furnishings, linens, flooring and decorations fade with exposure to sunlight. Save money from expensive repairs and replacements of these items with solar window tinting.
  • Save money. As a hotel or motel owner, you have limited control over the temperature of guest rooms. Heating and air conditioning are often used to the extreme.
  • Investing in solar window film will reduce heating and cooling bills. Our film insulates rooms and helps lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Go green. Solar window film and tinting reduces your property’s carbon footprint.
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Hotel Window Tinting Birmingham

In addition to these great benefits, our window tinting film:

  • Unifies the exterior look of your property. Some guests prefer their curtains, shades or blinds open, while others prefer them closed or only partially opened. This creates an inconsistent look to the public outside. Our film offers a solution.
  • Quiet installation. Installation is non-disruptive to your guests. There is virtually no noise, so your guests can continue to enjoy their stay throughout the entire install process.

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