Glass Tinting Service in Birmingham, ALL

To optimize the effectiveness of the windows in your home, you must be able to strike a balance between allowing a free flow of natural daylight inside, while keeping the sun’s harsh and damaging rays out. One of the most effective ways to do this is by investing in residential window tinting in Birmingham, AL. With this in mind, our window tinting specialists are here to tell you about all of the advantages this tint can provide:

  • Protect Your Furniture: When exposed to the sun every day for a long period of time, the fabric of your furniture, rugs and flooring may begin to fade and eventually deteriorate. Rather than keeping your curtains closed all of the time, window tinting allows you to enjoy the natural sunlight without having to worry about damaging the condition of your valuable items.
  • Energy Efficiency: As they work hard during the cold winter months, tinted windows will help to conserve your home’s heat, and will help to repel the heat in the summer. This will in turn help to minimize the amount of heating and cooling loss that occurs through your windows.
  • Reduced Glare: When there is a glare coming through the windows, you may be forced to close your blinds early in the day. The right amount of window tint will reduce this glare and allow you to read, watch TV or use your computer without having to worry about putting extra strain on your eyes.
  • Added Stability: Tinting also reinforces your windows and makes them harder to penetrate. If there is an impact that causes the glass to break, the tint can also hold the pieces of glass together so they do not shatter and spread everywhere, helping to substantially reduce the risk of injury.
  • Protect Your Family’s Health: While finding ways to introduce ample amounts of natural sunlight into your home is a highly sought-after feature, some of the sun’s rays can be dangerous. Window tinting reduces these damaging UV rays by more than 90 percent, significantly lowering your family’s risk of exposure to harmful radiation.

For more than 35 years, we have specialized in window tinting of all kinds, and whether you want to improve your home’s privacy or help delay the effects of sun damage, we are ready to work with you to find a tailor-made solution for all of your family’s tinting needs.

Residential Window Tint


Solar Control Specialists is proud to offer professional home window tinting in Birmingham, AL. Keep UV rays from fading the color from all of your most valued possessions and save on your cooling bill by calling Solar Control Specialists today. Choosing home window tinting in Birmingham, AL will also give you privacy and peace of mind that no unwanted eyes are glaring through into your home when the sun sets.

Commercial Space Window Tint


Having your windows treated with commercial window film in Birmingham, AL can save you a lot of hardship in the workplace. From an annoying glare to the dangers of eyestrain, bare windows can make your workday a nightmare. We efficiently and thoroughly install commercial window film in Birmingham, AL to shield you from harmful rays, making the workday more pleasant and much more manageable for you and your employees.

Business Security Tint


Your security is the most important thing, which is why we provide security window film to Birmingham, AL. Our security window film will help keep your window intact when struck, and can protect you from dangerous flying glass in the event of an impact. We also offer anti-graffiti window film treatment that can protect your glass from paint, acid etchants and abrasives. Security window film in Birmingham, AL is nearly invisible and unbeknownst to passersby, meaning that your efforts to protect your business won’t affect patrons by imposing an added precaution.

Decorative Window Tint


Decorative window film in Birmingham, AL can be a fun and exciting addition to your home or business. Our skilled installers can create a variety of patterns and logos to suit your individual needs. Call Solar Control Specialists today to install your decorative window film in Birmingham, AL and watch as it livens up your windows in a way that only tinting can achieve.

Commercial & Residential Window Tinting

No matter what need you may have for window film applications, Solar Control Specialists will always ensure that your needs are met and that the finished product is of the highest quality possible. We know that windows are a view to your world, which is why we’ll always do our best to make sure you’re looking through them happily and comfortably. Call us today for more information on which type of window film will best serve you.

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