October 15, 2020

Mariola Henderson

"If you are considering getting your windows tinting, don't hesitated, give John a call. I was speechless and extremely happy to see what a different it made for us. Now, I can actually enjoy a sunny day in my kitchen and the living room, without paying insanely high power bill. This was a great experience for us and smart investment. Highly recommended!!!!!"
March 12, 2020

Jerry Young

"Had all the right information, made it easy to make the decision to go ahead and get job done. When completed my only words were "WOW"! Highly recommended."
March 7, 2020

Maxine Moses

"This morning is the first sunny day since you installed our window tinting. Usually when I enter this east room the birds fly off and if a duck is close by it will either fly or quickly swim away because they can see the movement. With the sun directly on these windows the wildlife was totally undisturbed. CX35 IS Just Right. Usually this room in Winter can reach near 85 on a day like today. Today with FULL SUN the temperature difference is remarkably LOWER! I can also look over the sparkling water without sunglasses. I didn't even have to seek shade while reading my Bible this morning. This is STILL the best room for reading !! It is now close to Noon although it is 54 degrees outside and BRIGHT SUNSHINE I have crisp vision of my backyard. Not too dark. Just Perfect! Thank You!"