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Window Tint Company in Birmingham, AL

Have you ever gotten a headache from squinting because your home or office was too bright? Does your air conditioner struggle with the beating sun to keep temperatures inside of your home comfortable during the summer months? Perhaps you’re concerned about vandalism or damage to your windows? All of these issues have the same underlying remedy and can be addressed with special types of window film. And, thankfully, if you’re in need of a professional service to help you determine which type of film application will best suit your home, Solar Control Specialists is standing by to help!

Window Tint Company in Birmingham AL

At Solar Control Specialists, we provide prompt, expert window film installation at affordable rates. If your windows are giving you trouble, there’s no need to suffer any longer, Solar Control Specialists has the experience and resources to tend to your needs.

We service all of your home and commercial window tinting needs. Tinting your windows can help prevent dangerous eyestrain from glare and brightness, excessive heat from infrared rays and fading of property due to UV radiation. All too often, people don’t recognize how much their lives are impaired by excessive brightness and heat from the sun. When you walk into a home or business that has been treated by Solar Control Specialists, we guarantee you will notice a real difference.

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We carry the full line of Panorama window films: one of the best manufacturers in the business. At Solar Control Specialists, we can tint your windows however you like them, from just a shade, to privacy protecting deep tint jobs. Our security window films can save you from having to deal with expensive damage to your property. From our break resistant film, to our anti-graffiti film, we can help protect your window glass from the worst elements. We also provide interesting and festive colored tints for home and business installation. Our expert installers can help you create patterns or logos of your own design.

At Solar Control Specialists, we provide quality service at reasonable rates. The materials we install are manufactured by some of the most respected names in the window tinting business and we guarantee quality in every job we undertake.

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